A Seasonal Change

I was visited by Shiva the other day.

He stood there, looked at me with those abandoned eyes for a minute or two. I was sitting on the bed wearing my scarf. That one I got in Russia. He pulled it off with my head, looked at the roses on the red and black, and then wrapped it around my neck.

The phone rang, the leaves shook, the trees swayed, the snow fell, and he left.

I am alone. I miss Shiva. At least when his hair was setting walls on fire he kept me company.

One comment

  1. so you was i Russia!
    last summer i was in Latvia in a few kilometers of Russia border the nearest i ever was
    i want to go there from the first steps i made in the space between the kitchen table and Vladimir Nicolaievitch Ivantcha mon grand pere

    alors pour que tu me racontes aussi la Russie
    il faut absolument que je me vienne Rue du Lion Soleil vous voir

    c'est à toi de fixer le temps car j'ai oublié de remonter le mien depuis son enterrement
    la comtoise est debout droite dans son cerceuil et le petit carillon est mort

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