A belligerent beige is what you are. Smudged and hidden from view are your stains, and like an old piece of canvas that is unmarked and uncalled for, you inhale. Maybe once you exhale again you will resume the search? Perhaps then you will befriend the cold air, and the clarity, and the calm above all. Stop running from her now, because she has sought you out. She will put you on, and wear you, and patch your skin.  She will mark you with her identity. Submit to your loss and wait patiently to inhale again.


One comment

  1. j'ai compris que je ne te reverrai pas avant d'avoir fini d'etouffer ,que ne te reverrais pas tant que je ne serais pas visible,tu m'as sortie de table le temps que de me reprendre car tu as d'autres vies à faire en attendant quand j'aurais retrouvé une couleur normale tu m'habilleras et tu te diffuseras dans ma peau, tu me marqueras à ton nom ,d'accord.

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