1. I want to be your escape
    Your hole in the wall
    I want to be your sanctuary
    The place you go to when you grip your teddy bear
    I want to be the play you watch when you close your eyes
    Center stage when the curtains are drawn
    You and i sharing the lead
    Holding the spotlight captive
    But the limelight is bittersweet
    To keep it illuminated we must pay our dues
    The upper deck can be bribed with the occasional tear
    But the heartache is worth it
    Without the pain we can't put on a show
    We can't silence our critics
    If we don't perform….
    a standing ovation is out of the question
    Let's not lose our stage
    Without it we stand in a hollow rink
    An empty arena, 3 rings
    you confined to one and I to another
    The third is reserved for vanity
    That's right-the ring master's cousin
    We will take our orders from verity
    Our velvet curtains now nailed to the ground with brass tacks
    composing the tents that shame us
    Let's not lose our platform
    We've earned more time in the spotlight
    Its time to take
    We are not actors
    But we were born to play these roles
    theatre is our calling
    No one is better at putting on a show
    Its not too late for a standing ovation
    You know those spaces between my fingers?
    They are still empty and still perfectly fit for yours
    Grab my hand again and let's take our bow
    I am not “anonymous”
    you know my hands
    You know my pain
    You know…….
    I love you

  2. quand papa m'a dit petite vita merci d'avoir eté là tu m'as sauvé la vie quand toi tu me dis prends moi par la main je t'aime ça met pareil de l'helium dans mon coeur et mon coeur dans le ciel

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