I want to run towards you on a windy day, through a rainy night, to your embrace. It is too stifling but it is home and is the home that keeps me pieced, the home that keeps me frosted. Such is the place where the river meets the ocean and where the birds sing desperately like they do at a cemetery, on a freezing February, in the middle of July. Sleep without the fall because the fall is the least marked facet of autumn. Dream the leaves of the love turned to cold, turned to clods, saved by the skin on your fingers and by ruined jeans.



  1. Est ce que j'ai rêvé ces mots “my dear”?

    It was somewhere there between two words before or it was just again my fucking imagination?
    Yes there is a home in a forest where you are at home, yes you' re living here from fifteen years, almost without breathe, you're frosted here but you are not cold, you are not old,here is your eternal home ,your grave,my formaline love,is for ever into my heart, here you are
    planted like a silver sword.

  2. Thank 's to care of my mental health. Sometimes, i mean often, i confuse all with my dreams; in fact i know that i'm not dreaming all the time, i know it deeply but i can't prove it, my memory is too sensitive to be trustworthy.
    What do you mean by “blasphemy”?
    What is blasphemy for you?
    Do you know that before the blasphemer's tongue was pierced with hot iron? That's can happend when you have the gift of the gab (Haha !)
    May be it's not so bad for your blog to be a blasmador , biasimatore , blastemeor one .
    “Divini numinis obtrecator.”
    “Atroces in Deum voces jactare
    impia in Deum verba proferre, profundere.”
    If it's like that , Art is a supreme blasphemy don't you think ?
    About “my dear” , i guess you mean that say it is precious and so must be rare, cause say it to often it's outrageous like to say i love you all the time make a vacuum -cleaning of Love; but i'm always unsure when i guess something specially about you cause you are the mysterious July and it will be blasphemy for me to pretend to understand you at all.

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